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IMANTA is a roburst school management system that provides a highly personalized portal-based solution that captures the school processes and makes all operations (Students Finance, Admission and Records, Result computation, Terminal Reports etc.) accessible and managed via the web, thus allowing you to effectively serve all stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, administrator etc. This solution is based on portal technology, which enables the greatest possible flexibility and personalization. It is an integrated solution that combines systems to serve a wide range of key audience and stakeholders. In clearer terms, what a portal-based solution does, for example is that by creating a password, a student, an administrator or a teacher will have a web platform where he or she can perform duties only applicable to his/her profile at any time. Below are the few modules that can be highlighted here:

Admin dashboard

The Admin dashboard gives information in realtime on processes done on the platform.


Students total,financial reports of every month to give you a breakdown to all activities and performance on the portal. The system will review, analyze, and strategize to improve these results each month.

Student Records


This shows the student information recorded during admission which can be update. And it consist of a navigation to other activities related to the student

Student Academict Result

After scores of students are been uploaded by the teacher or exam officer the system calculates and generate an academic dossier for each student in a class.This dossier can be:

  • Seen and printed by a parent after login.
  • Updated if any error is discovered by the school administration.
  • Is protected and secured.

Student Fee Invoices

Student Fee invoices are displayed to show his/her payment status. It shows if the student owes the school and total amount paid.

Fee Report

This displays the fee report of students in a particular class and their payment status in a particular term an session.

Database backup

IMANTA is a very user-friendly and flexible system that gives you the previledge to backup your database at anytime which can be stored on the server, downloaded and sent to a storage platforms like google drive. These backups can be restored from the system

School Settings

School information can be registered on the system and a prefered THEME can be selected from this module.

200/ Student

Starter (Termly)

  • No Web Platform
  • Desktop Version
  • Training
  • Other packages
  • No Website
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500/ Student

Premium (Termly)

  • Web Platform
  • Desktop Version
  • Training
  • Other packages
  • Free Website
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